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If you are on the lookout for your next property in Scotland then it may be wise to consider your next move being to the Glasgow area. Scotland’s largest city has many advantages including: a bustling nightlife scene, fantastic recreational activities, close access to many Schools and Healthcare Establishments, internationally acclaimed museums and art galleries, celebrated architecture and a very well respected shopping scene. The city of Glasgow will see you find everything you need on your doorstep.

why-glsagow-chloeWith rising house prices being seen in the Edinburgh market it is not the most profitable time for investors and buyers to look at Scotland’s Capital as there have been reported falls in profit margins reported throughout the last few years. This is compared to the affordability and rising house prices in Glasgow which is predicted to see a growth of around 7% by 2019. With surrounding areas such as South Lanarkshire also being listed as some of the most sought after locations in Britain in the current climate the west of Scotland is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect to both investors and house buyers.

This affordability also reaches into the rental market for anyone who is looking to move to a city environment. The rental market in Glasgow does see you get more for your money than that of the Edinburgh market. With a wide variation of properties available in Glasgow from properties aimed at students to luxury properties in the famed area of Park Circus; Glasgow really does have something for everyone looking to rent in this fantastic city.

Glasgow’s location and excellent transport links means travelling to and from the city is made extremely easy with 3 train stations located within the city centre alone, along with a bus station and close proximity to motorways such as the M8 which allows travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh. This coupled with Glasgow’s growing financial hub which is listed as being one of the largest in the UK means that Glasgow holds great job prospects for anyone who is looking to work within the city or commute from it.

For anyone who has a family who are looking to buy or rent in the area Glasgow has almost 150 Primary Schools and 37 secondary schools which are spread throughout the city which means that you are not short of choice when it comes to choosing the right school for your child.

All in all Glasgow is a region which is becoming increasingly more attractive to people who are looking to relocate within the Scottish market with its great transport links, job opportunities and schools it is an area which should never be overlooked.

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