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Now is the time of year that people start to consider which New Years’ resolutions that they hope they can keep going throughout 2017, or at least until the end of January. One resolution however is something that is much more long lasting and that is the purchase or rental of a new property. January is always a great time for both people looking to sell and people looking to buy or rent. The market seems to stagnate towards the end of the year when people being to think ahead to Christmas and the year ahead. This makes November/ December a difficult to find that one property that you can see yourself calling home.

newyear-newhome-chloeJanuary however, spells the start of one of the two busiest times for the real estate market with many people looking for a fresh start coming into the new year and in turn looking to move house. This results in a lucrative time for the market with many people searching for properties and a large volume of homes entering the market.

For people who are looking to rent at it is one of the best times of the year to ensure that you have the most choice within your preferred market. With so many people looking to move and with a large number of landlords’ ensuring that January will be went their leases expire there are the largest number of properties available in January than any other time of the year. This of course means that the rental market is very competitive at this time with so many potential tenants searching for their perfect property. It is key during this season to act quickly to secure that property that really catches your eye.

For buyers, this is the one time of year where there is a fantastic choice of properties from all sizes and in all regions of the country. The market at this time can be competitive similar to that of the rental market, competition however, is made worthwhile when you do find yourself living in your dream home.

For people looking to sell, the reasons for the advantages of this time of year bare a strong resemblance for that of the advantages to buyers. With so many people scouring the house market for new properties January is the time of year where you will most likely see the highest number of enquiries and viewings for your property. It would be our recommendation that if you are looking to sell or rent this is the most opportune time to market your property to ensure that it is off the market in the quickest period of time possible. With schools on Christmas break and with potential tenants having free time themselves at this time of year it gives buyers the time to pack up their belongings with the view to move into their new home January comes around. This is also something that is key to remember for investors and landlords. The time of year which your tenants leases renew will always determine how long your property stays empty. With January being such a busy time for the market it is always wise to January as a time to renew the lease of your tenant. This will make it easier to find new tenants when this lease does expire.

At GSL we hope you will choose us whether you are buying or selling during this busy time where we will ensure that your move runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible.


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