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With Christmas just around the corner many people are very busy this time of year. From ensuring you have remembered to buy gifts for everyone to the almost endless stream of Christmas and Office Parties it can sometimes be very easy to forget about ensuring your home is as prepared as you are.

winter-chloeWith the cold weather firmly upon us it is always vital to remember that this can cause damage to your home. It is always important to prevent any weather damage to your home as the last thing you want to be left with come January is a large repair bill.

Here are our top tips for helping to prevent any unforeseen problems:

The first and most important tip is one that most people know about but often forget to practice is ensuring your pipes are kept warm. Setting a timer for your boiler to insure that your heating runs for at least 2 hours each day ensures that your pipes keep their heat and you are not left with frozen and burst pipes. This is especially important even if you are not at home for a long period of time, it may seem like a waste of energy however the cost of your heating will be much lower than your repair bill.

Speaking of heating costs it is always important to check that you are getting the best deal from your energy supplier. This is something that should be considered at any time of the year but with winter being a particularly busy time for your boiler it is always good practice to check your energy prices now to save you money in the long run.

To make sure that all of this heat does not escape from your property it could be a good idea to have an insulation survey completed on your property. Newer homes are less likely to need extra insulation but if you do find yourself in a slightly older property it may be essential. This may seem like a costly process however there are several government grants available for this particular problem and it is always important to shop around to ensure you receive the best deal.

With the heavy rainfall that we experience here in Scotland it is always intelligent to ensure that your gutters are working efficiently. Leaf litter and every day dirt and grime can build up in your drainage system and cause overspill. This will leave marks all over your exterior walls and in severe cases may cause damp to appear within the property. Cleaning your gutters may seem like an arduous task however many window cleaners and roofing firms do offer this inexpensive service so that you do not have to get your hands dirty. If you have trees in close proximity to your property it is wise to ensure that these are sufficiently trimmed so that the problem does not continue a short time after you have had this system cleaned.

With these tips in mind and with a working boiler and heating system efficiently running in your home we hope that you do not get caught in the cold this winter.

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